Brick Effect Rendering and Quoin Stones

Brick Effect Rendering and Quoin Stones

Brick effect Rendering in Liverpool

The use of render to create brick effects, ashlar jointing and quoin stones has been around a long time, but the use of coloured pre-bagged renders to make full brick effect rendering is comparatively new.

The methods of creating the effect are similar to traditional ones, but the timing is different and it may need to be done at a different stage in the process, depending on the material used for the rest of the building. This is because the finished thickness will not be as thick as sand and cement quoins would be. (See photos below) For example if using an silicon top coat the brick rend should be done before the top coat and covered appropriately, as the silicon will only be a few mm in thickness. However if you did this with sand and cement, the top coat could end up flush or even proud of the brick effect rendering and potentially ruin the effect. The other option is to use the brick rend as a top coat for a full house effect.

brick effect rendering red coat In this one of many similar projects completed by Liverpool Plastering and Rendering. The house was EWI thermal boarded, basecoat was then applied flat and level. Then window details and quions were then brick rendered.

A grey render undercoat is first applied to the areas, then a red brick coloured render (other colours are availible)





brick effect rendering joints cut outThe red render is now scraped back to the desired pattern, showing the grey underneath to produce the brick effect.







brick effect rendering brick pattern completeWe then complete the brick pattern to the rendered areas leaving a crisp clean looking brick effect.




brick effect rendering brick pattern complete 2 We create this effect by rendering, using bags of powder and water with no moulds or bricks needed.







brick effect quoin stonesAny further work that needs to be done like cutting the quion’s out or trimming excess around windows is now carried out.  All surfaces must then be cleaned of any excess material and washed down.


brick effect render under window    brick effect rendering above window

When done well, brick effect rendering can add a little bit extra to your home or project, but done badly and it can look very unsightly. We recommend when looking for plasterers in Liverpool to carry out this work, you use a firm that will provide you with results like this.



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