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Rendering Liverpool

Liverpool Plastering and Rendering offer an extensive choice of modern and traditional materials to suit domestic and commercial properties. As skilled tradesmen we have experience with all of the new products available to the trade such as those produced by manufacturers K Rend, Wetherby and Webber.

In addition, our Rendering in Liverpool is carried out by fully qualified tradesmen who have experience of using traditional materials such as sand and cement, pebble dash and Tyrolean, as well as modern External Wall Insulation, coloured Monocouche and Thin Coat Systems. These products can be used to produce a variety of finishes including smooth, textured and brick effect. Therefore, whatever product or finish you decide to choose, we are able to provide a quality service and immaculate finish for any rendering Liverpool that you require.


K Rend Liverpool                                                          k rend liverpool plastering and rendering

Modern rendering materials such as K Rend and other Monocouche Systems are becoming increasingly popular. K Rend offers a water repellent, protective skin available in a variety of colours to suit the style of your home or commercial property. K Rend provides great insulation, is highly durable and has a quality textured finish. With coloured render there is also no need to paint your property. In addition to these properties, it is also easily washable and less prone to cracking than less traditional materials. If you are considering K Rend Liverpool Plastering and Rendering will provide you with the quality job you are looking for.

  • Increased Thermal Propertiesk rend liverpool plastering and rendering range
  • Water resistant
  • Durability
  • Coloured
  • Washable



Sand and Cement Rendering

Traditional sand and cement has been established as a rendering material for hundreds of years. It is the most common and the most cost effective rendering material there is available. Sand and cement rendering can be completed in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Plain Faced/Smooth
  • Pebble Dash
  • Dry Dash
  • Wet Dash
  • Tyrolean



Thin Coat/EWI

Thin Coat Acrylic and Silicone Renders are available and are often used for large scale projects as they are ideal for repairing surfaces where cracks have already appeared or where movement has or is likely to occur.

  • Washable and DurableEWI colours liverpool plastering and rendering
  • More flexible and provides better resistance to cracks
  • Far more weather resistant  than traditional render
  • More extensive range of colours than other forms of render
  • A variety of textures and finishes from smooth to brick effect 



Professional Qualified Renderers

Fully qualified, local, time-served craftsmen with over 10 years experience in the plastering trade. Our qualifications include Solid Plastering and External Wall Insulation (EWI), Building Surveying and Architectural Technology. Liverpool Plastering and Rendering has been built on reputation and recommendation with customer satisfaction being our highest priority. From small patches to large redevelopments, you can feel assured that Liverpool Plastering and Rendering have the knowledge, skills and quality to provide you with a service and a price you will be happy with.


Rendering Finishes 

  • Scratched/Textured such as K Rend
  • Dry Dash
  • Wet Dash 
  • Brick and Block Effect
  • Quoin Stones
  • Ashlar Jointing
  • Smooth/Plain Faced


Materials Available

  • Sand and Cement Rendering
  • K Rend
  • Monochouche Scratch Renders
  • Full External Wall Insulation Systems (EWI)
  • Silicon Based Thin Coat Renders
  • Brick Effect Renders

Manufacturers we use include K Rend Liverpool, Weber, Wetherby, Parex, Alseco, Sto and Knauf.


Reasons to Render Your Property 

There are a vast amount off different external render finishes as we have explained above. Rendering can create a unique look for your property and be beneficial in numerous ways. If you haven’t already you should consider rendering your property if:

  • Damage to existing render 
  • Property is looking tired or dated
  • A mixture of different materials
  • Render bridging damp course or causing condensation and damp
  • Newly built home or extension
  • Increase insulation and water resistance
  • Add value to property

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